A 22-day guided spiral into the ancient mysteries
and cosmic light codes of the sacred feminine

What you'll receive in LUMINOUS PRIESTESS:

  • 22 Guided Priestess Practices
  • Daily "Play" Work
  • 2 Lush, Deep-Dive Healing Ceremonies
  • Access to a Secret Priestess Support Group!

Are you activated now as never before?

Are you simultaneously moving through deep processing work as old wounds resurface?

Can you sense the multiple dimensions through which this collective shift in the Earth’s vibrations and societal
structures is occurring?

At the same time, is that sensing only fleeting?

Do you instead wish you had ways to anchor this new way of being you are called into?

Do you yearn to take the blissful moments you experience ocassionally when in nature or meditation through into your personal relationships and your messy mundane human life?

Do you too know that balance is impossible and you instead long for soft, powerful, fluid equanimity, a self-ease you feel when in flow - maybe when you are dancing alone or swimming in the ocean?

If you have met and walked with your shadows yet have shrunk from some,
if you can almost hear the water speaking, and yet you have not fully embodied your wise and magical self.

If you have always kept your full femininity at a safe distance and know deep down
that the only person dimming your light is you (meaning conscious and subconscious you) but, even through all the challenges, you have kept orienting towards the light that you know you are....

then I invite you to awaken into your wholeness.

You are:

  • Priestess
  • Goddess
  • Wild one
  • Weaver
  • Dancer
  • Teacher
  • Oracle
  • Speaker

You are Creator

By your breath, your blood, by the starlight and earthglow within you, you are part of the cosmic awakening.

These are your invitations into drawing your unique medicine closer to you and pulsing it out into the universe with the support of guides from the other worlds.

These are your touchstones for a life that is sacred sensual and oriented around stewardship of the light and the Earth

As a woman, when you enter the void and infinite potentiality of the womb you enter the cosmic womb.

You recollect your star memory and bring it through to Earth.

You fall back in love with your humanity and all your relations.

Your fears, your flaws, your forgotten power.

This is your first invitation - this is Luminous Priestess Awakening.

The spiral comprises of 22 practices and guidances delivered on video, audio and in written form, homework (let's call it playwork), 2 live healing ceremonies plus access to a secret Facebook group for priestess support.

We are lead by the magenta and ruby red rays and the 5th dimensional light guides of Mary Magdalene and Rahanni, as well as being held by the abundance grids of Ma Gaia, the ultimate priestess.

Your practices are a combination of meditation, healing audios, self-healing Shamanic practices, clearing of old contracts within your womb space so you can reclaim your full radiant energy as your own, and practical, pleasurable and joyful ways in which to fold radiance and feminine consciousness into your daily life so you can retain and embody the new frequencies you will be activating.

Expect transformation.
Expect to breathe a deep sigh of relief as you finally return home.

What other Luminous Priestess clients
are saying about this juicy work...

This work is magical! My feminine magnetism is back! In my relationship I am back to the chemistry, attraction and intimacy we had at the start.

Before, I wanted it all to be my husband's fault and I was forgetting about my powerful beautiful feminine side. I've found a new courage in my career. I feel so grounded yet so free. I go through the day with trust and openness and have released the "force energy" and the "shoulds" and get things done faster too! I feel so liberated from my previous fears.

I've meditated in many ways before but these practices offer the deepest meditation I've ever done. The spaciousness I feel is new to me. I can now hear my own voice and I'm embracing my own creativity. The Luminous work is an amazing awakening.

- Maya Carroll

Loveday is friggin' incredible. Her healing and reading for me blew my mind and soul wide open. She got me down!

Loveday is a pure channel and a divine healing priestess who delivers with heart, grace and power. If you are looking for a light worker to support your ascension look no further. She is worth every cent plus some.

- Ingrid Arna

I am meeting myself, my inner knowing and guidance system in a whole new and exciting way! I feel so beautifully supported by Loveday who holds a safe, grounded, light yet deeply healing and transformative space for us all. I feel I am unfolding and blossoming into my most aligned and joyful self!

- Ruth Quick

Loveday is an incredible teacher. I love this work. I don't feel like I am being "taught" to. I feel like I am being guided and held and loved and shown. I feel like I am actually forging new spiritual depths and opening up. The practices in Loveday's courses and teachings are really "real" and I can easily fold them into my daily life.

- Jasmine Matthews

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Loveday is a lightworker, guide and sacred space facilitator. Founder of Luminous Earth Academy and with a PhD in ecopoetics and relationality, her passion is to connect people back to their inner creative life force so they can birth their sacred work into the world.

With 15 years experience as an energy worker and through teaching celestial healing, energy medicine, meditation, movement, embodiment and the ways of the Earth, she nurtures those with a deep knowing of their power into being the forces of nature they truly are.